Hyderabad college accused of negligence in student’s death due to electrocution

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Hyderabad: An inter-first year student passed away in the early hours of Thursday, June 20, after allegedly being electrocuted on the premises of Narayana Junior (residential) College in Hayathnagar.

The parents have however alleged negligence on the part of the college authorities.

Girish Kumar was reportedly unhappy after his admission to Narayana College located in Hayathnagar on the outskirts of Hyderabad city. After repeatedly expressing displeasure to his parents, he reportedly tried to return home in the wee hours of Thursday.

“I was in my village when I was informed that he was unhappy about his college. We were to sit down with him after I returned, to address his concerns,” Girish’s father Vijay Kumar Karri, told Siasat.com.

On June 20, the college authorities called the parents and informed them that their child was missing and enquired if he had returned home. Shocked on receiving the news, Girish’s parents rushed to Narayana College and demanded to see the CCTV footage. However, they were denied permission.

“At around 10 am, the parents received a call from the college over the whereabouts of the student. At around 12:30 pm, they reached the college located on the outskirts of Hyderabad city. The authorities tried to evade questions and attempted to reassure the parents stating that Girish was spotted by some students in the morning. However, when they asked for CCTV footage, the authorities said that the cameras were dysfunctional,” a source close to the family told Siasat.com.

The family who was getting impatient called the police following which a CCTV expert was sent. When the footage was checked thoroughly it was revealed that Girish was last spotted inside the hostel building at 1:52 am on Thursday, June 20.

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The family rushed to inform the police. However, they were sent home and told that the police would coordinate with the college. An investigation was launched.

Within an hour, the family received a call from the police stating that their child had been found. He had received an electric shock.

“When they reached the police station, they were directed to go to Sunrise Hospital. They were told that their child was found close to a junction within the college premises and rushed to the hospital in the area. On reaching the hospital, the doctors declared Girish dead on arrival,” said the source.

“How he reached the junction, stepping out of the hostel, so late at night, despite a warden being stationed within, and claims that all exits were locked, is still a mystery. We want justice for my son’s death,” the bereaved father told Siasat.com.

“Despite Girish’s death, the management has not contacted us. They had stated that there was security on each floor following which we had admitted our child. They have given us no clear answers as to what actually led to his death and how he stepped out of the hostel despite the security,” he added.

The body of the college student was sent to Osmania General Hospital, Hyderabad, for postmortem and further investigation is underway.

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