Hyderabad: Commissioner Anjani Kumar inaugurates 100 CCTV cameras

Hyderabad: The Hyderabad city commissioner of police (CP) Anjani Kumar officially inaugurated a network of 100 CCTV cameras at four police stations in the Asifnagar police division on December 14.

The cameras were placed at strategic locations within the Humayunnagar, Asifnagar, Langer Houz, and Golconda police station limits.

Addressing the citizen on the occasion of the inauguration CP Anjani Kumar, stated that the CCTV cameras were installed at a cost of Rs 30 lakh with community engagement. “The city’s crime rate was reduced by installing closed-circuit television cameras in major thoroughfares and neighbourhoods.” Cases now can be quickly identified with the use of CCTV camera video, and it can also operate as a deterrent to lawbreakers,” he added.

As part of the ‘Nenu Saitham’ project, the commissioner invited residents to come forward and install surveillance cameras in their neighbourhood. He noted that earlier, multiple teams were formed to locate and apprehend offenders engaged in any crime, but that today the same work was being done by a small group of individuals utilising technology such as CCTV cameras.