Hyderabad: Commissioner CV Anand holds video conference with police officials

Hyderabad: City police commissioner CV Anand on Thursday held a video conference with police officials ranging from Station House Officers (SHO) to constables.

The Commissioner stated that a brief health survey of all police stations in the west zone has revealed that almost 60% of the staff are suffering from issues such as diabetes, high BP among other life style diseases. He went on to say that their Body Mass Indexes (BMIs) were beyond reasonable limits.

A health program is being initiated for the entire commissionerate staff consisting of 17,000 police personnel. The program will include a master check up, followed by setting the correct diet, daily exercise and monitoring of health parameters will be done with an App which is being developed and will be launched soon.

“The initiative will also involve the spouses of the police force,” said the commissioner. He further warned all the SHOs and officers regarding the increased organised crime in a few areas and the proliferation of gambling dens, hookah and cross massage parlours .

He informed that the connivance of Sultan Bazaar police has been found in registration of several gambling den cases by the task force along with abuse of law in civil disputes. This has led to suspension of an SHO and cautioned everyone that they won’t be spared for such a lapse. 

Anand urged all officers to focus on spurious seeds , installation and repair of new and old Cctvs , ACP and above rank officers to be available for petitioners from 3 to 5 pm daily.

He further asked them to put up boards accordingly for public knowledge . Additional Commisioner of Police for Law and Order, additional commiosioner of Police crimes Srinivas along with Joint Commissioner of police traffic Ranganath and Joint Commissioner of police Vishwaprasad also addressed their topics and alerted everyone. 

The Commissioner made a detailed review on crime control, Law &Order, enforcement of city police act , patrolling  systems.  He further stressed on the need to control gambling activities, Hukka parlours  and pubs.

While reiterating  state government’s firm stance on controlling drug trafficking and abuse, he asked all officers to take measures in their respective jurisdictions to set the city free from organised crime. 

“No individual is permitted to take out rallies or processions without prior permission. The required permissions and renewals for various on street activities has to be obtained.Public order on roads shouldn’t be disrupted by anyone.” said Anad as he emphasised on effective enforcement of city police act.

 All officers were asked to remain alert on sensitive communal issues, often triggered through social media. As COVID-19 has decreased, the commissioner decided to restart the  Cordon & Search operations across zones.

In order to control the spurious seed, field level unit officers were instructed to maintain liaison with the departments concerned, and thorough checks at warehouses of distributors and retail sellers.  PD act will be invoked on the repetitive offenders indulged in this dangerous trade which affects farmers and public. 

To redress public grievances more effectively, the Commissioner has ordered all the officers to interact with the petitioners and the visitors from 3pm to 5pm and display the timings boards at the reception .

All SHOs were asked to take measures to revive the feeds of defunct CCTVs with the help of newly formed CCTV maintenance organisation, a dedicated internal  team of the Hyderabad Commisionerate which deals with fixing, repairing and replacing CCTVs.

To increase the coverage, new CCTVs installation at  vital points will resume  with the help of community and corporate sponsors.

Traffic officials were asked to initiate monsoon preparations and ensure all the tools & machines are functional and available to clear the water logging points swiftly and chalking out contingency diversion plans. They were apprised to enforce city police Act effectively to tackle the wrong parking issue that leads to  traffic congestion.

For the welfare of the police personnel , an internal health app will be launched soon where all police personnel ,instructors, dieticians and doctors will be on board  to track the health status, and to suggest diet & exercise plans. Helping hand foundation has been entrusted with this program leveraging WHO standards. 

Enhancing internal operations efficiency, communication network, personnel matters and other administrative issues were discussed in detail.

Anand  appreciated all the officers for their outstanding efforts in handling a series of  religious processions,  bandobasts , tackling agitations and other sensitive issues in the previous month.