Hyderabad: Commotion near near Salar Jung Museum after cobra surfaces on road

Hyderabad Desk

Hyderabad: A cobra snake was spotted near the Salarjung Museum road on Thursday night, scaring people in the area. The 5 feet long snake had come on to the road and was visibly trying to cross the road to reach Musi River course.

The reptile caused a commotion once people began noticing it, and a large crowd has gathered to see the cobra.

Given that it is Ramzan and the traffic flow was higher than usual, it also led to a jam due to the crowd that gathered to see the cobra. The reptile eventually went away into the Musi river across the museum.

The Musi river bed is home to variety of snakes that include cobra, python etc, and replies have been found by people on more than one occasion.

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