Hyderabad: Commuters express concerns over rumble strips’ impact on safety

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Hyderabad: The city residents have once again questioned the purpose of rumble strips, which seem to be causing minor accidents and inconvenience to commuters.

One of the X users on social media recently tweeted about an incident where a cyclist on Tuesday, June 2, fell due to rumble strips near Tankbund, questioning their purpose. He wrote, “If it is for slowing down people, let us have it properly done scientifically and practically. This does not seem to be correct.” 

He further shared an image showcasing minor injuries sustained by the cyclist and requested that the concern be addressed as soon as possible. 

Speaking to siasat.com, other commuters passing through Tankbund expressed their frustrations. One student mentioned using the route to travel to college, stating, “It’s so uncomfortable that I feel like I might fall off my seat.”

Echoing similar sentiments, a 26-year-old corporate employee shared concerns about the impact on both comfort and vehicle maintenance. He said, “Even at low speeds, I feel like I might lose balance, and I recently bought a new bike. I’m worried these strips will affect my tires. I come across them frequently on my way to and from work.”

Residents of Hyderabad have been raising similar concerns. In March, another user criticized the rumble strips for causing excessive vibration, comparing the experience to hitting rocks even at low speeds. 

Despite ongoing discontent and assurances from officials to address the issue last August, Commissioner of Police CV Anand stated, “I will discuss with the GHMC Commissioner the rationale behind their installation and get back to you, friends.” However, no further actions have been taken since then to resolve these concerns.

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Doctor reacts

Many commuters have raised concerns about potential health risks associated with rumble strips, including neck and back pains. A 25-year-old doctor who worked as a casualty medical officer at Indo US Hospital told siasat.com, “Rumble strips can worsen lower back and neck pains; repeated exposure may cause trauma to the soft tissues of the spine, especially in elderly and fragile individuals.”

He acknowledged the effectiveness of rumble strips and termed them “necessary evil” in reducing accidents as they alert sleepy drivers, but emphasized their negative effects on the geriatric population, stating, “The vibrations and resulting pain can have serious consequences.” Though medical body confirms risk associated with rumble strips, it does sound concerning, and commuters narrate their experiences as “nightmares.”

Furthermore, 25-year-old doctor advocated for thoughtful design and placement of rumble strips, suggesting that they should be strategically placed without excessive use. He noted the nuisance caused by faulty strips, which can generate excessive noise, particularly for heavy vehicles.

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