Hyderabad: Conditional permission granted for ‘unity rally’

Hyderabad: After the directives from the Telangana High Court, the Hyderabad South Zone Police has given conditional permission to the Muslim Shaban Movement to hold an “Etihad” rally (unity rally) on September 25.

Gaja Rao Bhupal, the Deputy Commissioner of South Zone Police has said permission has been given to organize the rally with a condition that only 100 persons will be allowed to participate at the Khilwat grounds. He added that the Central and State government’s covid-19 guidelines i.e., wearing of face masks, hands sanitization, etc shall be strictly followed.

The Deputy Commissioner further said that any kind of provocative speech and sloganeering will not be allowed at the rally. He said that only the persons whose names are mentioned in the list of speakers will only be allowed to speak. This meeting is allowed to be held from 2 pm to 4 pm on Saturday afternoon.

It has to be noted that the President of the Muslim Shaban Movement Mushtaq Malik had filed a writ petition in the High Court after the Police had earlier denied him permission to hold a rally. Later, the High Court while accepting the petition directed the City Police to give permission to the Muslim Shaban Movement to organize the rally.