Hyderabad: Confusion over new age limit for CBSE school admissions

Hyderabad Desk

Hyderabad: Parents in Hyderabad are facing confusion over the implementation of a new age limit for Class I admissions in CBSE schools, compounded by a hike in admission fees. The absence of regulation on school fees in the State has added to their concerns.

Authorities of CBSE schools have enforced the new age limit rule for Class I admissions, along with a 10% increase in admission fees.

The discrepancy in age limits between CBSE and SSC (State Board) schools, with CBSE setting a minimum age of six for Class I compared to five for SSC, has also caused concern among parents, who often prefer CBSE schools.

Parents argue that the six-year age limit for Class I admissions in CBSE schools is not a new rule but has been newly enforced by the schools. They stress the need for uniform action across all schools and urge the education department to address the issue promptly.

According to The Pioneer report, Hyderabad Parents Association, expressed frustration, highlighting that most private schools, especially CBSE ones, complete admissions by November or December, leaving a small window for remaining admissions.

According to a report by the Tirupati Reddy Committee, admission fees have been hiked by 10-30% in some schools, with fees ranging from Rs 70,000 to Rs 80,000 for Class I. Despite protests and complaints, there has been no government intervention to address the issue of exorbitant fees.

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