Hyderabad: Congress- BRS Nakko, vote for BJP, says PM Modi in Dakhni

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Hyderabad: In a bid to connect with Hyderabadis, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday exhorted citizens to vote for the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). Interestingly, Modi chose to chime in Dakhni for a change, saying, “Congress nakko, BRS nakko, BJP ko ich vote denge!”

PM Modi made the statement in Dakhni as part of the BJP’s last leg of campaign for the upcoming May 13 Lok Sabha elections. As polling gets closer, all campaigning will be stopped and restrictions will be imposed from May 11, Saturday. The Prime Minister’s final meeting here was held at LB Stadium in Hyderabad.

”On June 4, the country will. 140 crore Indians will win and the villains of India will lose on June 4. Those opposing CAA, and Uniform Civil Code will lose on June 4,” stated Modi, attacking the opposition. Calling Hyderabad a “solution city”, he asked if it can move forward with corruption, and targetted the Congress.

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Congress anti-Hindu, doesn’t care about country: Modi in Telangana

”Can the parties that ignore the youth’s aspirations shape the future? Can the parties who crush middle class dreams help you? Can parties that search for potential corruption in projects build modern infrastructure? Who can do this?,” asked Modi at his rally.

Modi in his election speeches has also been overtly communal this time, constantly attacking the Congress, claiming it is anti-Hindu.

Telangana has 17 Lok Sabha seats, and analysts believe that the main fight wil be between the BJP and Congress this time. Many have written-off the Bharat Rashtra Samithi (BRS), which lost power in he previous Telangana state elections held last year.

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