Hyderabad: Congress leader fatally attacked during public meeting in Rajendranagar

Hyderabad Desk

Hyderabad: There was commotion at a Congress party meeting in Hassannagar locality of Rajendranagar when a local leader was attacked and killed in full public view on Saturday evening.

The deceased, Mohd Maqbool alias Maqbool Ustad, was present at the meeting with the assailant, who slit his throat using a knife. Upon noticing this, people fled from the public meeting.

Police, who were nearby, reached the scene of the crime and, after a preliminary inquiry, shifted the body for postmortem examination to the Osmania Hospital mortuary.

The Cyberabad Special Operations Team and Rajendranagar, Attapur, and Mailardevpally police also arrived at the scene. Police presence was increased due to the political affiliation of the deceased.

Senior officials visited the scene and formed special teams to track down and arrest the accused person.

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