Hyderabad: Cop breaks traffic rule, photo goes viral

Hyderabad: While there seems to be a competition between the three commissionerates of the city to impose traffic rules on the city roads, the traffic cops themselves found breaking these traffic laws.

A picture got viral on social media wherein two policemen are seen riding a bike without helmets. The serious thing is that their bike is displaying only three digits which is a violation of the traffic laws.

The netizens are showing their reactions on social media and directing their criticism towards the police.

Hyderabad: Cop breaks traffic rule, photo goes viral

Somebody had captured the picture of the cops riding a bike at the Chandrayangutta flyover on his mobile and uploaded on social media which got viral.

Ironically, the Traffic Police is running a campaign to penalize bike riders and drivers found without helmets, without licence and documents, and those failing to fasten their seat belts.

Action is also being taken for broken and unclear number plates or plates with tampering.

Netizens are raising questions why the cops themselves break the traffic laws when they are vigorously imposing them on the citizens.

In Cyberabad, the helmet rule is being implemented vigorously. The helmet is not only necessary for the rider but also required for the pillion rider even if they are ladies.