Hyderabad: Cops nab 8 drug peddlers who used crypto as payment

Hyderabad: The Hyderabad Narcotics Enforcement Wing busted a drug trafficking network operated via Darknet and arrested eight peddlers.

The police found 140 grams of charas, 1450 grams of ganja, 184 LSD blots, and 10 grams of MDMA with them and seized it.

The arrested persons are Narendra Arya alias Holy Shop, Farhan Mohammad Ansari alias Terminator, and six peddlers Utkarsh Umang, Sahil Sharma, Abdullah Khan, Indra Kumar, A Charan Kumar and P Bushan Raj. The police registered three cases and identified 30 consumers.

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“All the transactions on the dark web are done through cryptocurrency payment. The arrests are linked to international cartels,” said C V Anand Commissioner of Police Hyderabad.

Narendra was doing drug trafficking through the dark web with the help of social media networks and using single-use crypto wallets and other hidden apps to courier narcotics to the homes of consumers or second-level peddlers. He has 450 consumers throughout India.

Farhan Mohd Ansari adopted the same mode of the dark web and social media. He also sent the drug through courier.

They used the dark web to hide the shady dealings.

One of the arrested men, Utkarsh Umang, received major supplies from Narendra and Farhan, which he supplied in parties he hosted at star hotels.

“As of now 30 consumers are identified and action will be initiated as per law,” said CV Anand.