Hyderabad: Customer shocked after finding worm in puri masala

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Hyderabad: Following the recent surge in food safety violations in Hyderabad, a fresh incident has come to light wherein a customer reportedly found a worm in his meal.

A short-video shared by several people online showed a customer baffled upon discovering a worm in the chutney of ‘masala puri’ that he orders from Gaddi Annaram Raghavendra Hotel in Hyderabad.

Recently, there have been a slew of crackdowns in Hyderabad by the task force team of GHMC’s food safety department over violations.

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Raids were also conducted across Telangana and gross violations of hygiene and sanitary standards that could affect the health of the end consumer. These raids aimed to maintain food safety standards and protect public health in the state.

Meanwhile, the authorities continue to monitor and enforce compliance with regulations to ensure that food establishments maintain high standards of hygiene and safety.

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