Hyderabad cyber crime cops solve fraud case in 11 minutes, prevent Rs 18-L loss

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Hyderabad: The cyber crime police solved a fraudulent case in just 11 minutes and saved Rs 18 lakh from going into the hands of the deceivers.

According to a press statement, the victim, a 31-year-old software engineer and a resident of Amberpet received a call from an unknown person impersonating FedEx Courier Agency on Thursday, June 27.

The victim was told that someone was fraudulently using his Aadhaar Card to transport illegal drugs from Mumbai to Iran. The victim was told to contact the cybercrime through Skype.

Anxious, the victim did as he was told. The Skype caller sent the victim forged documents and asked him to shell out Rs 18 lakh. Once the money is sent, there will be a verification process and after that the transaction will be reversed, the caller told the victim.

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The victim did not have such a big amount but to get out of the mess, he took a personal loan from a bank. He transferred the said amount to the fraudsters.

However, after some time, the victim realised his money was not returned.

He quickly contacted the cybercrime police and registered a complaint with the NCRP (National Cybercrime Reporting Portal).

The NCRP blocked the transaction for the whole amount of 18 lakh to the account associated with cyber fraudsters.

The victim was able to save his money.

To say the least, the cybercrime solved the case in just 11 minutes.


The cybercrime urges all citizens to remain vigilant and take proactive measures to safeguard themselves against cyber fraud.

  • No law enforcement initiates people with Skype chat. Do not deposit money to unknown bank accounts believing false promises from people you do not know.
  • In the instance of trading fraud, the public is advised not to believe Dubious Returns offered by the Fraudsters and to avoid trading the stocks/investing money in any unknown applications/ groups other than those registered with SEBI.
  • Do not engage with individuals or groups sending you unsolicited part-time job offers through social media or messaging apps.
  • Scammers on Telegram and WhatsApp message you about easy part-time jobs like liking videos. They start with small payments to gain your trust, then trick you into sharing personal information or investing more money, before vanishing with your cash.
  • Never share sensitive information like bank account details, passwords, or social security numbers with strangers or unverified entities.

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