Hyderabad: DCA cautions public against sale of counterfeit Sildenafil

Hyderabad Desk

Hyderabad: The Telangana Drug Control Administration (DCA) cautioned the public about sale of a counterfeit version of Sildenafil, a drug supposed to cure erectile dysfunction.

The DCA asked druggists to stop its sale and notify its officials about this particular batch of injections being sold under the brand name of ‘Pulmosil Injection’ 10 mg/12.5 ml (with batch number KFA0300, Mfg Dt 06/23 with expiry date of 05/25) purportedly manufactured by the Sun Pharmaceutical industries in Turkapally village on Hyderabad city outskirts.

VB Kamalasan Reddy, DCA Director General said that fungus has been found in sealed vials of the counterfeit version of the product in question. In the light of these grave findings, the DCA issued a ‘spurious / counterfeit drug alert and a stop use notice’ regarding the counterfeit version of Pulmosil.

The official said the counterfeit product could be identified by these parameters: While the counterfeit injection has “white flip-off seal”, the original has a “violet flip-off seal”; the label edges of the counterfeit one have “sharp or straight edges” while the original has “curve edged labels or rounded corners”; and the contents in the counterfeit injection have a “light pale yellow colour solution” while the original one has “clear colourless solution”.

The DCA has also ordered the chemists and druggists to stop sale and distribution of this particular counterfeit injection and report to the Drugs Inspector concerned immediately. The DCA also urged people to pass on information about any counterfeit or spurious drugs on its toll-free number 1800-599-6969.

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