Hyderabad: Demand grows for better Iftar arrangements at Mecca Masjid

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Hyderabad: The historic Mecca Masjid in Hyderabadis is probably the most visited place during the month of Ramzan. People from all over Telangana visit here throughout the holy month, especially at the time of Iftar. However, over the past few years, worshippers complain that arrangements for breaking the fast have not at par with the grandeur of the place.

The Mecca Masjid management provides a few dates and small quantity of dal to people who visit the mosque to break the fast. The management has expresses it’s inability to provide anything more due to paucity of funds.

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Minority welfare department releases some funds for the mosque to provide iftar every Ramzan and make arrangements.

The mosque spends a considerable amount on cleanliness, white washing, cleaning/replacement of carpets in the run up to Ramzan. A substantial amount is spent on putting up temporary shade at the mosque.

“When it comes to providing iftar the mosque takes a backseat. If not for all, at least those who cannot afford a good meal should be provided one by the mosque management,” says Ziauddin, a resident of Panch Mohalla who visits the mosque regularly.

The minority welfare department takes care of the maintenance of the Mecca Masjid and the Shahi Masjid Bagh e Aam. People demand that the minority welfare department make arrangements for distribution of the iftar meal at least in coordination with local religious/ social organisations.

People visiting the Masjid from far away places during Ramzan are seen buying and carrying fruits and eatables to break the fast. People from several districts of Telangana, Karnataka and Maharashtra come to Hyderabad during Ramzan and enjoy the ambience. Local traders do business worth crores of rupees during this month.

“The minority welfare department and district administrators should realize the need to take proper care of the visitors to the city and provide necessary facilities,” Majid Khan, a social worker from Old City, said.

As the Congress recently took over the state government, people hope the it will take this aspect into consideration.

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