Hyderabad: DGP reviews security for G-20 Working Group meetings

Hyderabad: A meeting of the G-20 Security Coordination Committee, which has been formed to successfully conduct the prestigious G-20 Working Group meetings here from January 28 to June 17 was held in the Telangana Director General of Police’s office office on Wednesday. Telangana DGP Anjani Kumar chaired the meeting.

The meeting was attended by senior police officers of the state, Airport Authority of India, Regional Passport Office, NDRF, SRDF, CISF, NSG and other security related departments.

In the meeting, Anjani Kumar said that besides covering two-thirds of the world’s population, the most prestigious meeting of the heads of the G-20 countries, which are members of 29 countries that account for 85 percent of the world’s GDP and 75 percent of global trade, will be held in the month of September under the leadership of the Prime Minister.

He said that 215 working group meetings are being held in 56 cities of the country ahead of this summit. As part of this, six G-20 meetings will be held in Hyderabad. While the first meeting will be held on January 28, working group meetings will be held in March (6 and 7), April (26, 27 and 28), and June (7, 8, 9, 15, 16 and 17) under the auspices of various ministries.

Anjani Kumar said that Ministers, Secretaries, Joint Secretary level officials and representatives of voluntary organizations will attend these meetings. The DGP said that coordination between various security departments is necessary to conduct these G-20 meetings smoothly and without any security problems.

As the high-ranking delegates attending these G-20 meetings will also have the opportunity to visit popular tourist areas in Hyderabad, it has been suggested that extensive security measures be taken in those areas. The DGP directed that for effective coordination in this regard, internal WhatsApp groups should be formed and information should be provided from time to time.

Anjani Kumar ordered the police commissioners of Hyderabad and Cyberabad to make extensive arrangements mainly at the airport, hotels where the delegates stay and meeting areas.