Hyderabad: Disabled delivery partner defies odds to support family

Hyderabad Desk

Hyderabad: ‘Where there is a will there is a way’ is a very well known proverb, and 32-year-old Rahmath from Hyderabad’s Talabkatta area in the old city is perhaps an embodiment of it. In spite of being physically challenged, the young man works in the fast-paced gig economy as a delivery partner with Zomato.

Come rain or sunshine, Rahmath moves around delivering food parcels to customers on his specially designed scooter. The only brother to his five sisters, he works with food delivery company Zomato and works from 12 noon till 10 pm before he calls it a day and goes back home in Talabkatta.

“I was about six years old when my parents took me to a doctor for some illness. The doctor administered an injection and since then I became paralyzed. I could not walk without the help of crutches. I have to survive so I must do something for my livelihood,” Rahmath told Siasat.com.

He earlier worked at a cable network office at Tallabkatta despite his limitations. “I was paid a salary of Rs. 4,000 but it was not sufficient as my father is now confined to the house. I decided to do something and enrolled as a food delivery partner (Zomato),” said Rahmath.

On average, he earns around Rs. 20,000 a month and moves within a seven-kilometer radius around his house. “At times I have to go beyond the distance of seven kilometers as well. But that is fine I don’t want sympathy because I am ready to work hard,” said Rahmath.

He said that after studying till tenth standard he dropped out of school due to various issues and took up odd jobs in the last 14 years to help his family.

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