Hyderabad: Dobara’s day out with elderly citizens at Numaish

Hyderabad: Dobara, a city-based non-profit organisation for the elderly has organised a special age-friendly visit to the All India Industrial Exhibition-Numaish at Nampally on January 19.

Several elderly people from five NGOs who visited the exhibition were delighted and discussed the spirit of the place.

Founded by Mateen Ansari, the place caters to elders from various old age homes across the city in addition to multiple outdoor activities for the physically disabled from time to time.

One such day outing for them was taken up where the Numaish society provided them with as many as fifty wheelchairs, facilitated by young teenagers one for each elderly person, who volunteered their visit.

Speaking to Siasat Daily, a volunteer from Fatima old age home, who came along with twenty-two elders stated that people getting into these homes are mostly missing cases and those coming from other NGOs.

Talking about counselling young minds to take care of their parents, the volunteer added that they mostly do not adopt such cases in order to let the old parents stay with their kids.

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Another helper said that Dobara is a platform which creates a blend between two generations.

“The very fact that students from education institutes are invited to volunteer the elders, is to teach them to handle elderly people with tenderness,” he added.

“Dobara is nothing but living life altogether once again,” he remarked.

An elderly person, Zulaiqa Banu who has been living in Dobara for the past two years, said that being a part of the organisation has given her multiple opportunities to visit fun events despite her disability.