Hyderabad: ‘Drunk’ man strangles wife to death in Kulsumpura

Hyderabad Desk

Hyderabad: In a tragic incident at Kulsumpura, a man allegedly murdered his wife following a heated argument fueled by family troubles. The suspect, identified as Syed Saleem, 43, reportedly returned home inebriated on Tuesday evening, leading to a confrontation with his wife.

According to preliminary reports, the argument escalated and Saleem ended up strangling his wife to death. The incident sent shockwaves through the neighbourhood and police were alerted.

Police arrived at the spot and transported the deceased to the mortuary for a postmortem examination to ascertain the cause of death.

Family members of the deceased revealed to the authorities that Saleem and his wife had been embroiled in frequent conflicts, with previous clashes prompting intervention from elders within the family.

Police have initiated an investigation into the matter.

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