Hyderabad: Egg prices fall slightly due to short spell of rains

Hyderabad Desk

Hyderabad: With rains hitting Telangana over the past week, prices of eggs have come down by about fifty paisa a piece in the retail market. The prices of chicken and eggs had skyrocketed in the state during the summer months as more chickens tend to die of the heat. WIth the maximum temperature down slightly, prices are likely to start gradually decreasing till monsoons begin.

Poultry farmers said that due to heat there were more than the usual fatalities of chicken on a large scale hence the price rise of eggs was inevitable. Now with weather turning favorable, chickens are surviving and eggs prices are hence coming down. Farmers however are unsure if the downfall will continue as heat conditions prolong till June end.

In the wholesale market the price of chicken for 100 eggs is Rs. 480 while in the retail market an egg is sold for Rs. 5. 50 ps. Ten days ago, an egg was sold for Rs. 6 in retail while in wholesale the price was Rs. 520 for 100 eggs.

In the coming days the prices of eggs will further come down along with the prices of chicken.

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