Hyderabad: Election officials launch campaign to increase voter participation

Hyderabad Desk

Hyderabad: Election officials in Hyderabad are taking proactive steps to improve voter participation in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections, aiming to address historically low turnout rates.

One strategy involves door-to-door visits to households in divisions where voter turnout was notably low during the previous assembly elections. Officials are symbolically applying bindis on women’s foreheads to encourage their active participation in the upcoming polls.

Identifying the five divisions with the lowest turnout across all 15 assembly constituencies of Hyderabad, officials are ramping up awareness campaigns in these areas. Special attention is being given to polling booths where turnout fell below 50%.

To further raise awareness, flash mobs are being organized at various locations to engage with voters and emphasize the importance of casting their votes on May 13.

In addition to these efforts, wall posters and banners will be prominently displayed at commercial shopping complexes, tourist sites, religious centers, bus shelters, intersections, exhibition spaces, market yards, public parks, bus stands, and restaurants, serving as reminders for the election day.

To engage the community, competitions on topics like vote preference and voting rights are being conducted for students. Rangoli competitions, specifically targeting women, are also being organized to encourage their active involvement in the electoral process.

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