Hyderabad: Encroachers damage several graves in Chatrinaka

Hyderabad: Encroachers have damaged several graves at the graveyard located near the Masjid e Munshi at Maqdoompura, Chatrinaka to make way for commercial activity.

The graveyard existing on over one acre of land next to the Lal Darwaza – Chatrinaka Road is a wakf property. One person, who runs a firewood depot, sometime ago, started dumping big logs on the graves despite objections from the families of those who were laid to rest there.

For some days, the graves were totally removed and the ground levelled, pointing to some bigger plan to grab the graveyard land and take up construction activity. Attempts were made earlier to construct shops in the graveyard as it is on the main road. It was foiled by the Wakf board as the matter came to light through news reports and subsequent visits of the officials.

The TS Wakf Board’s local officials who do inspections failed to take steps to protect or safeguard the properties. Mohd Saleem, whose ancestors were laid to rest here, complained that the local persons were responsible for damaging the grave.

Some individuals teamed up with local leaders and tried to construct shops on the land facing the main road. “Again fresh attempts are being made to construct shops as the land is now cleared of wild vegetation,” he alleged. Several families who once upon a time lived in Uppuguda, Lal Darwaza, Gowlipura, and Chatrinaka had laid their ancestors to rest at the graveyard.

Another graveyard at the Dargah Mir Momin Chup and the Masjid at Phool Bagh Aliabad is also under encroachment. The open area near the Shiva Temple at Phool Bagh ground is a graveyard and several graves were damaged to pave the way for vehicle parking space and small roads have been created that lead into the colonies.

“The Wakf Board officials failed to visit the area and take steps to protect the graveyards and take suitable action against the persons responsible,” said Mohd Saleem.