Hyderabad: Environmentalist Erik Solheim participates in ‘Green India Challenge’

Hyderabad: Noted environmentalist Erik Solheim participated in the Green India Challenge and planted saplings along with Green India founder and Rajya Sabha MP Joginipalli Santosh Kumar here at Begumpet on Friday.

Solheim, former Executive Director of the United Nations Environmental Programme, said that if we work together, there is nothing that cannot be achieved on earth. “Santosh Kumar is an embodiment of my ambition,” the former Norwegian minister said.

Erik said that “Man-made pollution, carbon emissions, deforestation” are wreaking havoc on this land. “The increase of 7 per cent of forests in Telangana state through Haritha Haram programme within a decade is commendable. This is proof of Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao’s visionary leadership.

Every state in the country should take up plantation programme in the same spirit of Telangana,” he said.

The founder of the Green Belt and Road Institute said that Santhosh Kumar also encouraged crores of people through his Green India Challenge to plant crores of saplings.

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“My environmentalist friends have told me that Santosh is constantly planting trees somewhere in the world every day and playing an excellent role in the growth of greenery.

Moreover, It is very pleasure they Santosh designed and implemented programmes for plastic ban. None of our forefathers used plastic, But the plastic that we have brought will eat the earth and humanity,” he said.

Solheim said that everyone needs should emulate Santosh Kumar to stop plastic use.
“I am giving the ‘Green India Challenge’ to three environmentalists from around the world. He will plant saplings with them and extend my support to expand the ‘Green India Challenge’ worldwide,” the celebrated environmentalist said.

Santosh Kumar presented “Vrikshavedam” “Haritahasam” and “Wings of Fashion” table books to Erik Solheim by “Green India Challenge”.

Speaking on the occassion, the Rajya Sabha MP said, “It is a great pleasure to plant saplings with Erik Solheim, the world’s greatest environmentalist and nature lover.”

He said that the Green India Challenge programme will be intensified with their inspiration.
ProClaim CEO Kevin Kandaswamy, COO Shasidhar along with Green India Challenge founder members Raghava, Karnakar Reddy and others participated in the event.