Hyderabad experiences summer in winter – These areas witness high temperatures

Hyderabad: Residents of Hyderabad are currently experiencing summer-like heat during the winter season, with maximum temperatures in many areas surpassing 35 degrees Celsius. Even the minimum temperatures in the city are notably high.

Since the end of the monsoon season, Hyderabad has observed a steady increase in maximum temperatures. Additionally, the minimum temperature in Hyderabad has exceeded 25 degrees Celsius.

Hyderabad sees summer-like minimum temperature

Furthermore, apart from the high maximum temperatures, Hyderabad is also witnessing a surge in minimum temperatures across the state. Yesterday, Amberpet recorded the highest minimum temperature at 25.3 degrees Celsius.

Other areas in Hyderabad that experienced summer-like temperatures in winter are

Areas (Mandals) Maximum temperature in degree Celsius
Nampally 35.5
Mondamarket 35.4
Meredpally 35.2
Shaikpet 35.2

Weather forecast for Hyderabad winter

According to the weather forecast by the TSDPS, Hyderabad is not expected to receive any rainfall over the next three days. Maximum temperatures in the city are expected to be between 33 and 35 degrees Celsius, while the minimum temperature is likely to remain in the 20-22 degrees Celsius range.

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For the next few days, Hyderabad is expected to continue experiencing summer-like heat during the winter season.