Hyderabad: Experts blame social media, drugs, as boys’ pass percentage declines

Hyderabad: In the past few years, girls have outperformed boys in the SSC and intermediate examinations. Academics have attempted to identify the reasons for the decline in boys’ interest in education. After conducting a comparative analysis of the results of government and private schools and colleges, experts have concluded that boys’ participation in extra-curricular activities, excessive use of social media, drugs and entertainment-related issues have prevented them from prioritizing education.

Recently, the results of the intermediate and SSC exams were released, and girls achieved a better success rate than boys in both intermediate first and second-year exams. Interestingly, the results in rural areas were better than those in urban areas. The once top-performing districts of Hyderabad and Rangareddy have fallen behind. Despite the existence of many educational and corporate institutions in these districts, the results have been disappointing. Nirmal district achieved a 99% success rate in the SSC exam, followed by Asifabad district with a 98.7% success rate. Vikarabad had the lowest success rate in the district at 59.4%.

According to academics, SSC and intermediate students in urban areas are more involved in social media use, and most of their time is spent on mobile activities. Lack of parental supervision and teachers’ interest in schools have contributed to an increase in the use of cigarettes, drugs, and other intoxicants among students. Staying up late at night and engaging in immoral activities has also led to a distancing from education. In urban areas, young boys can often be seen loitering around hotels until late at night. In the morning, young people are found to be engaged in social media platforms in their settlements.

Hyderabad’s densely populated areas have become hubs of drug trafficking, and deserted places, especially playgrounds, have turned into youth centers. Young people often appear in groups in these areas until late at night.

Experts warn that if the younger generation is not immediately saved from the menace of drugs and social media, they may become involved in criminal activities in the future. Underage boys have been found to be involved in incidents such as theft and harassment for fun and other desires.