Hyderabad: Fateh Darwaza in Old City is now a traffic nightmare

Hyderabad Desk

Hyderabad: Motorists using the Fateh Darwaza road in the Old City are facing problems due to late night traffic jams late in spite of recent road widening.

One of the important junctions connecting the Old City in Hyderabad with Bahadurpura and Aramgarh, the Fateh Darwaza/junction junction is now teeming with traffic jams during the day and particularly more in the night.

“After 10 pm, there is a traffic gridlock with no policemen to control and regulate the traffic,” said Sheikh Rasheed, a resident of Misrigunj.

The junction on one side has a big restaurant while on the other a famous bakery and sweets shop sees customers in full strength. “Unruly parking of vehicles in front of the hotel and bakery is another factory attributing to the traffic scenario,” Dr. Junaid, a regular road user complained.

The traffic situation at Fateh Darwaza in the Old City of Hyderabad is worse between 10 p.m. and 11 p.m. when the volume increases, said local residents. Auto rickshaws and cars moving towards Misrigunj and Bahadurpura are more compared to the traffic in the opposite directions.

“Traffic police should visit the junction and place barricades to uniformly divide the road. This effort might at least mitigate the problem to some extent,” suggest Jameeluddin, a resident of Chandulal Baradari.

The road users want the authorities to identify the junction as a major intersection of the Old City and post traffic policemen from morning till at least 11 pm. “A traffic police constable will for sure bring some semblance on the road,” said another local.

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