Hyderabad: Fever survey records Typhoid at 62% in Old City slums

Hyderabad: With the onset of the Monsoon season and incessant rains in the city, early in July, Hyderabad also witnessed an increase in seasonal diseases.

Despite heavy rains in the city and stagnant waters on the roads, slums in the Old City recorded zero cases of Malaria in the last three months. However, of the many diseases surveyed for in the areas, 62 percent tested positive for Typhoid, during the same period.

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The fever survey was conducted for infants, children and adolescents, by the city-based NGOs Helping Hand Foundation in collaboration with Babu Khan Trust for a period of three months from April to July.

In this period 45,000 people were tested for ailments such as Dengue (2%), Typhoid (62%), Respiratory Tract Infections (RTIs-33%) and hand, foot and mouth diseases (1%). However, no cases of Malaria were detected among the target population.