Hyderabad: Fire breaks out near Madhapur police station, none hurt

Hyderabad: Fire broke out near Madhapur police station in the city on Monday evening. No casualties were reported.

The fire started in the backyard of the police station where huge combustible material and LPG cylinders seized by the police in different cases were kept.

Madhapur SFO Fazal said a firecracker landed on the cylinders leading to the fire and three to four cylinders exploded. The police closed down the road to facilitate the firefighting operation.

Nearby shops and other establishments were vacated and people asked to move away. Fire officials said about 40 to 5o cylinders were kept there negligently.

A fire tender from Madhapur police station controlled and extinguished the fire. The firefighters are pumping water to cool down the cylinders and shift it to some other safer place.