Hyderabad: Food safety dept raids famous restaurants in Gachibowli

Hyderabad Desk

Hyderabad: The task force team of GHMC’s food safety department conducted a series of inspections on Monday, July 1, at various restaurants in Gachibowli.

Violations were found at two well known restaurants in Hyderabad that attract a large number of youth, including Hakuna Matata Kitchen and Tabula Rasa.

During an unannounced inspection at Hakuna Matata Kitchen, the team observed food handlers without essential attire such as headgear, gloves, and aprons.

Furthermore, the kitchen of the Hyderabad restaurant lacked insect-proof screens, allowing pests potential access, exacerbated by improperly fitting doors.

Essential documentation, including medical fitness certificates for food handlers and pest control records, was not available. The establishment also failed to prominently display the true copy of their FSSAI license. 

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Additionally, raw materials and semi-prepared food items were found uncovered and inadequately labeled. 

At Tabula Rasa, during the inspection, the team noted that the true copy of the FSSAI license was not prominently displayed on the premises of the Bar and Restaurant located in Hyderabad’s Jubliee Hills. Additionally, medical fitness certificates for food handlers were not available.

Inspectors discovered 12kg of expired prawns and prepared Turkish milk, which were promptly discarded on the spot to prevent potential health risks.

Further observations revealed that some food handlers were not wearing required headgear, and open dustbins were attracting houseflies, posing hygiene risks.

However, on a positive note, stored food articles were found to be properly covered and labeled, and the premises maintained up-to-date pest control records.

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