Hyderabad: Fraudsters are posing as electricity workers, say cops

Hyderabad: Cyber fraudsters are now targeting the citizens posing as employees of power companies and swindling their hard-earned money.

Following instances of such cases the Telangana police issued an advisory asking the people not to fall prey to such fraudsters. The conmen are sending a message that reads “Dear customer, your electricity power will be disconnected tonight at 9.30 p.m from the electricity office. Please immediately call the electricity officer no 891746xxx0.”

“If you receive such messages, don’t believe it. Do not download any app. Do not pay any amount to anyone. Many have already been cheated. Will you be cheated?” the message adds.

The advisory is issued by the Telangana Cyber Crime Coordination Center) T4C.

Officials explained when anyone calls up on the number the person on the other end introduces himself/herself as an employee of the electricity department. They frighten the consumer by disconnecting the power connection if the bills are not paid immediately.

The fraudsters ask the caller (victim) to download “Team Viewer QuickSupport App” to update the mobile number and ask them to fill up some details on the app and make an initial payment of small amount. Once done, they ask them to wait until new number is official registered in the records.

“Once the app is downloaded and installed on the gadget the fraudster takes control of the mobile phone through remote access. Everything can be accessed including bank accounts, Google accounts and all financial wallets/accounts etc and money is withdrawn without knowledge of the victim,” said an official of Cybercrime police station.

The police advise the citizens not to respond to such messages received from unknown numbers. “Instead call the helpline or visit the local electricity office to check with them,” the official.

 The state cybercrime police have also noticed that the fraudsters send the bulk messages to power consumers during the day time when they are usually busy with their work. On receiving a message of power disconnect at night they get apprehensive and call back the number only to be victimized.