Hyderabad: Frequent power cuts at Shaheennagar worry residents

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Hyderabad: Frequent power cuts at Shaheen Nagar during night are robbing local residents of their peaceful sleep.

Complaints are pouring in from different localities in Shaheen Nagar about power disruptions during day and night. The power disruptions are taking place between for 15 to 30 minutes, and with the weather getting hotter, it is causing a lot of inconvenience. However, some locals also claimed that during the night power supply is disrupted for more than an hour.

Mohd Siraj, a resident of Errakunta in Shaheen Nagar said power disruptions of 15 minutes are regular in their locality and the TSSPDCL officials blame it on excess load on transformers.

“In Ramzan the unscheduled power cuts will cause inconvenience to residents. All the maintenance works should be completed before Ramzan,” Siraj requested the TSSPDCL.

On Friday, Majlis Bachao Tehreek (MBT) spokesperson Amjadullah Khan complained to TSSPDCL authorities about the power cuts. He said that power supply disruptions are regular in Errakunta and Shaheen Nagar areas of Maheswaram Assembly Constituency. He specifically mentioned that it goes off specially during Friday Namaz.”Is this a technical problem or a conspiracy?” he asked.

Amjedullah Khan visited Errakunta on Friday and met with local people as part of his citizen connect program.

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