Hyderabad: Gachibowli Stepwell brought back to life

Hyderabad: Telangana urban development special chief secretary Arvind Kumar on Wednesday inaugurated the revived stepwell in Gachibowli. The Rainwater project collaborated with Chirec School and others under Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) to make this possible.

History of Gachibowli and the stepwell:

The word ‘Gachi’ means limestone and ‘bowli’ comes from the word ‘baoli’ which means a well. Thus the area ‘Gachibowli’ is named after the presence of a well plastered with limestone.

This square-shaped well which was inaugurated on Wednesday is part of the Nizam era architecture. The well goes deep with three flights of steps, two on each level. It has four arches.

The damaged and neglected stepwell is next to the Dilawar Shah Begum mosque in Tellapur, eleven kilometers approximately from Gachibowli. The well got damaged due to continuous dumping of debris and garbage. Activist Kalpana Ramesh took it upon herself to clean up garbage and played a key role in its revival.

Arvind Kumar requested more schools and CSR participation in such projects.

Minister for Urban Development KT Rama Rao lauded the initiative on Twitter and congratulated Arvind Kumar, activist Kalpana Ramesh and Chirec School on their efforts.