Hyderabad: Garbage dumped at Jangammet govt school gate; students troubled

Hyderabad: Students of the Government Primary School and the Government High School Jangammet are facing health issues due to large scale dumping of garbage in front of the school.

The schools with a strength of 550 are located behind the Falaknuma police station. In front of the school gate, people dispose of huge volumes of trash in the morning and by evening foul smell emanates from the mound of garbage leading to problems for students.

“House flies swarm over the place and get inside the school. Children face problems having lunch and snacks, and a few of the students have stopped bringing lunch boxes,” complained a parent, Rahmathunnisa.

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The GHMC staff clean the place occasionally. But there is no mechanism to keep it ‘litter free’. The local residents and the vendors conducting business outside Rythu Bazaar dispose of the trash here and litter the place.

“There were instances when there was a fire in the garbage dump and local police of Falaknuma police station doused it after pouring water. There should be some solution to prevent littering the place,” demanded another parent, Shoeib.

Students coming to the school or leaving the school step onto the garbage before entering the school. In turn, the litter is carried into the school premises risking the health of students.

The people demand the GHMC initiate action and find some solution to the problem.