Hyderabad gears up for intense summer due to El Nino

Hyderabad: Hyderabad, already experiencing the early taste of summer, is likely to face intense heat as temperatures are expected to surge amid the anticipated strong El Nino this year.

Although the temperature yesterday was in the range of 31-35 degrees Celsius, it is highly probable that it will start increasing again from February 16.

Hyderabad tasted early summer due to El Nino

Hyderabad is already witnessing the early summer heat due to El Nino. On February 7, the temperature of the city’s Mondamarket surpassed 38 degrees Celsius. Various other areas in the city have also witnessed summer-like temperatures.

Weather enthusiast T. Balaji, known for accurate predictions, forecasts that temperatures in Telangana will rise again from February 16 and continue to increase thereafter. He also predicts an intense summer this year due to a strong El Nino.

Monsoon season in Hyderabad

Balaji anticipates monsoon rainfall levels similar to those observed in 2019 and 2020 due to upcoming La Nina.

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Hyderabad gets early taste of summer as temperatures cross 38 degrees Celsius

El Nino is a climate pattern causing abnormal warming of surface water in the eastern tropical Pacific Ocean, leading to a rise in sea surface temperatures by as much as 4 to 5 degrees Celsius above normal. This phenomenon has a profound impact on weather patterns worldwide.

In the case of La Nina, there will be a buildup of cooler-than-normal waters in the tropical Pacific Ocean.

Both El Nino and La Nina have an impact on the summer and monsoon seasons in Hyderabad.