Hyderabad gears up for ‘Zero Shadow Day’ today – Know what it is

Hyderabad: The residents of Hyderabad are getting ready to witness a unique astronomical phenomenon known as ‘Zero Shadow Day’ on May 9, 2023. This event can be observed in the city at 12:12 pm and will continue for a brief period.

‘Zero Shadow Day’ is a rare celestial event that occurs when the Sun reaches its highest point in the sky. At this moment, the vertical objects will cast no shadows on the ground.

How to witness ‘Zero Shadow Day’ event

To witness ‘Zero Shadow Day’ in Hyderabad, one must find an open space directly under the Sun without any obstructions such as tall buildings or trees. The phenomenon can be observed at around noon when the Sun is at its peak.

‘Zero Shadow Day’ occurs twice a year, once in the northern hemisphere and another in the southern hemisphere. The event is equally important for both astronomers and photographers. Astronomers use this opportunity to study the Sun’s movements, while photographers use it to capture stunning images.

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