Hyderabad: GHMC calls on students to join fight against Dengue

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Hyderabad: Amid rising cases of Dengue with the onset of monsoon, the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) has called on students to help raise awareness and take action against dengue fever. Students aged 14–22 can apply before the deadline of July 21 to “Join the Fight Against Dengue” and participate in the “Dry-Day” activity.

Officials also suggested forming groups of three to four students in every school and college as ‘warriors’ to spread awareness about mosquito prevention and mosquito-borne diseases, aiming to create continuous awareness about dengue prevention.

GHMC to take action

During a meeting held on Wednesday, July 10, at the command control room of GHMC headquarters, GHMC Mayor Vijayalakshmi and commissioner Amrapali Kata engaged with officials from various departments to discuss strategies for controlling the spread of dengue and other diseases during monsoon season.

The entomology officer was advised to prioritize public health, with GHMC committing to take all necessary measures to control mosquitoes and prevent disease spread. Mayor Vijayalakshmi also urged the public to maintain cleanliness to support these efforts.

She stressed the importance of raising public awareness about preventive measures and advised medical and health department officials to educate the public on the dos and don’ts for preventing these diseases.

GHMC commissioner Amrapali Kata emphasized the importance of working without any public complaints and suggested that strict measures be implemented to prevent the spread of diseases.

In efforts to control the spread of dengue, a special drive will be undertaken to spray every room in all government and private schools, colleges, and hostels to prevent mosquitoes.

Additionally, the commissioner proposed observing every Friday as a dry day, encouraging residents to spend ten minutes cleaning water reservoirs, garbage, empty bottles, cans, and other objects where mosquitoes breed.

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Dengue cases spike in June

According to a report by the Telangana government’s department of public health and family welfare, June witnessed a spike in Dengue cases from the 113 that were reported in May. However, this marks a decrease from the previous year’s figures of 188 cases in May 2023 and 284 cases in June 2023.

However, in the case of Malaria, the state witnessed a dip in June. There were 21 reported cases of Malaria in May of this year, dropping to 9 cases in June, compared to 29 cases in May and 14 cases in June of the previous year.

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