Hyderabad: GHMC Commissioner orders removal of garbage prone zones

Hyderabad Desk

Hyderabad: In an attempt to address the issue of garbage removal and the presence of garbage on streets, GHMC Commissioner D Ronald Rose on Tuesday directed officials to take steps to completely remove garbage vulnerable points (GVPs) from the city. 

This includes planning for proper lifting of GVPs, providing additional vehicles at zonal level, and requesting street vendors and shop owners to put up garbage bins.

Failure to comply with these instructions may result in fines for littering.

To prevent or reduce waste generation, several methods can be employed. These include recycling, composting, and purchasing used items. 

Additionally, creating arts and crafts from waste materials can be a creative way to reduce the amount of trash in the environment.

In some cases, littering may be due to a lack of public garbage cans or overflowing cans that are not emptied regularly.

 Increasing the number of available trash receptacles and the frequency they get cleaned can help deter littering.

Stricter laws and regulations can also act as a barrier to littering. Both individuals and businesses are more likely to follow litter laws when there are serious legal or financial consequences.

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