Hyderabad: GHMC launches Basti Action Plan for waste management

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Hyderabad: In an attempt to address issues of waste management and community development, the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) has rolled out Basti Action Plan in Asif Nagar, Kanajiguda, and Dinakar Nagar.

In a tweet, GHMC said, “The Basti Action Plan is propelling Hyderabad towards a GVP-free future! Currently, it’s eliminating garbage vulnerable points and revitalising streets, and with plans to extend citywide, Hyderabad is on the brink of a cleaner, greener, and more sustainable tomorrow.” 

According to the reports, many garbage collection gaps have been detected in slum areas; approximately 1,55,635 houses have been tagged to SATs for garbage collection of the 19,80,413 households that exist over all Basti areas. Additionally, 1,278 motivational sessions with 6,189 people have been conducted. Apart from that, 1,177 Rangoli programs have been organized.

Dinakar Nagar
Kanajiguda, Alwal
Asif Nagar

What is GHMC Basti Action Plan?

GHMC Commissioner D Ronald Rose has issued directives to implement a weekly action plan across low-income neighborhoods. It was to ensure 100% door-to-door collection of municipal solid waste (MSW) and the elimination of garbage vulnerable points (GVPs). 

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GHMC launches weekly action plan for effective waste collection

The weekly agenda of GHMC comprises a basti gathering on the first day, followed by the identification of households not associated with SAT vehicles on the second day. Day three involves organising rallies across all basti areas, followed by motivational sessions on day four.

A rangoli event is scheduled for day five, followed by a meeting of the Town Vending Committee (TVC) on day six, and concluding the week with a weekend program consisting of a pledge and resolution on day seven.

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