Hyderabad: GHMC plans multiple development activities for 2023

Hyderabad: The Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) has proposed various future development activities in the Town Planning department for the upcoming year.

The civic body will reportedly be mulling Area Development Plans (ADP) for fast-growing areas, including the demarcation of ‘master plan’ roads in addition to the integration of the TS-bPASS application with the IGRS (Integrated Grievance Redressal System) website for the online release of mortgage area which is handed over to the local body at the time of building permission.

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GHMC will further uptake restoration and preservation of heritage buildings owned by the state government and public undertakings under heritage conservation.

The body will also take up the acquisition of properties for the remaining 14 missing links/slip roads under Phase-I and the development of 32 missing links/slip roads under Phase II.

Development of power corridors all around the high-tension lines will be carried out during 2023.

GHMC permitted 16,114 buildings under Telangana State Building Permission and Layout Approvals Self Certification System (TS-bPASS) in 2022.

The list of permitted criteria includes Instant Registration (716), Instant Approval (11,088), Single Window (1,920) and Occupancy Certificate (2,390).