Hyderabad: GHMC’s facial recognition attendance for workers reduces expenditure

Hyderabad Desk

Hyderabad: The facial recognition attendance system for workers introduced by the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) has seen significant savings and reduction of expenditure, the corporation said on Thursday, June 20. The monthly expenditure in terms of payment with the facial recognition is about Rs 31 crores, while it was Rs 33.5 crores with the Aadhar biometric system earlier.

The application uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and verifies changes in the facial features with “liveness detection”, said the GHMC.

After introduction of the facial recognition system, removing the scope of manual attendance to staff with fingerprints, it has lead to attendance with 100% accuracy, the GHMC stated. Corporation officers concerned faced field level challenges like unsuccessful authentication of staff due to faded out finger prints, and network issues during the attendance.

The pilot project on Facial Recognition Attendance Management System had begun in January 2024 using the mobile application in the Karwan circle of the GHMC. “Based on the feedback and inputs received from the Zonal Commissioner, Khairatabad Zone on the pilot project implemented and considering the challenges faced in monitoring the existing Aadhaar biometric system, RFP was invited for prospective bidders for implementing the Facial recognition attendance system in whole of the GHMC,” said a release from the GHMC.

According to the GHMC, the facial recognition attendance system is a “fool proof” system with a two-step registration process by first capturing the face of the staff, followed by Aadhaar card, and approval of the registration by officers concerned only after which attendance can be captured.

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