Hyderabad: Gold worth over Rs 47L concealed under bandage seized at RGIA

Hyderabad: A passenger who arrived at the Hyderabad airport on Monday was arrested after gold worth over Rs 47 lakh was found hidden under bandages wrapped to the calves of both his legs.

The Customs officials detained and questioned the passenger arriving from Sharjah at the International arrivals area based on valid information.

The customs officials investigated him further and discovered that he had hidden gold in paste from inside the bandages attached to his calves on both legs. The bandage was removed, and the paste was retrieved.

The gold retrieved from the paste weighed 970 grams and is worth Rs 47,55,642. The gold was taken, and he was arrested for interrogation.

Saudi Riyals worth Rs 34.49 lakh seized at Hyderabad airport

Last week, Saudi Riyals valued at Rs 34.49 lakhs were seized from a 24-year-old Indian national Mohd Naseer, who was scheduled to fly to Sharjah from Rajiv Gandhi International Airport (RGIA) in Hyderabad.

Naseer was scheduled to go to Sharjah on an Air Arabia aircraft. The central industrial security forces (CISF) intelligence squad intercepted the flight on suspicion and discovered that the passenger had hidden the money in a bogus compartment of his luggage bag.

Hyderabad custom took to their Twitter handle and posted a video to show how the currency was sealed in the bag.

Other past incidents

On December 1, Customs officials apprehended two male passengers bound for Dubai. They had seized 89,500 Saudi Arabian Riyals and 2,900 UAE Dirhams worth Rs 17.75 lakh from the duo.
The airport has witnessed a series of incidents of seizure of foreign currency, mostly Saudi Riyals and UAE Dirhams, in recent weeks.

On November 22, Customs officials had seized 55,000 UAE Dirhams and 970 US Dollars worth Rs 11.49 lakh from two female passengers bound for Sharjah.

Earlier, on November 8, a male passenger bound to Dubai was caught with 65,000 Saudi Arabian Riyals worth Rs 12.54 lakh.

On October 24, Customs officials had seized Saudi Riyals worth Rs 9.77 lakh from a female passenger bound for Abu Dhabi.

Saudi Riyals worth Rs 9.78 lakh were seized from a passenger on October 31. He was leaving for Sharjah when Customs officials found the foreign currency in his luggage.

He along with the currency has been handed over to the Hyderabad customs officials at the airport for further investigation and action. A case of smuggling of foreign currency has been booked against him.
Customs officers stated that an additional inquiry is underway.