Hyderabad: Golden Threshold campus of UoH to undergo renovation

Hyderabad: The Golden Threshold campus, famously known as the building where freedom fighter Sarojini Naidu spent many years of her life, will get a makeover involving experts from archaeology and conservation specialists.

The Golden Threshold complex which is spread over 1,166 acres of land is adequately nestled in the heart of Hyderabad. It is historic, and nationalist and reflects the syncretic culture of the nation and the region.

The building was dedicated to the University of Hyderabad on November 17, 1975, by late Prime Minister Indira Gandhi.

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The University started a school consisting of performing arts, fine arts and communication. Many years later, it has its own iconic premises on campus and carries with it reverberations of dance, music, fine arts and poetry.

The University intends to recognise this campus for its heritage and functional space. It will use funds to restore the heritage structure at the Golden Threshold and convert it into a vibrant space for literary and cultural activities.

The Central Public Works Department (CPWD) will take up the restoration and renovation process.