Hyderabad: Goshamahal constituency becomes focus of political rivalry

Hyderabad: With all major parties setting their sights on the Goshamahal assembly constituency, the political atmosphere in the area is charged. The current MLA’s suspension from the BJP has created a vacancy that has attracted the attention of contenders from the Congress, BRS, and even within the BJP itself.

The BJP’s suspension of its incumbent MLA Raja Singh has sparked speculations about the party’s plans for the constituency. As of now, no decision has been made regarding the revocation of the suspension. This has prompted contenders from various parties to express their interest in contesting from Goshamahal.

Within the Congress, numerous leaders have submitted their applications for the Goshamahal assembly seat and are actively seeking support from the party’s high command. Reports suggest that approximately 15 applications have been filed, including those from Congress Fishermen Cell Chairman M Sai Kumar, General Secretary Pradesh Congress Kareem Lala, and General Secretaries Zaheer Lalani and Madhusudan Gupta. While some contenders have prior political experience, others are aiming to contest for the first time.

The Goshamahal assembly constituency has witnessed electoral tussles in recent years. The BJP secured victory in both the 2014 and 2018 elections, whereas the Congress claimed the seat in 2009. Prior to constituency reorganization, it was known as Maharajganj, and the Congress won it in 1989 and 2004, while the BJP emerged victorious in 1994 and 1999.

Notably, the BRS contested from Goshamahal with the backing of its ally AIMIM in the 2018 assembly elections, although it did not clinch victory. This particular constituency stands apart in the Hyderabad Lok Sabha segment, with the BJP holding the sole MLA seat, while the AIMIM holds sway in the remaining six constituencies.

Goshamahal’s demographic makeup includes more than 40,000 Muslim voters, 11,000 Christians, and 36,000 BC voters. Both the BRS and the Congress are vying to secure these crucial voting blocs for the upcoming assembly elections. Following the Congress’ recent triumph in Karnataka, party morale is high, further intensifying the competition for the Jubilee Hills assembly constituency within the city.

With the Congress and the BRS striving to capture key demographics, including Muslim votes, the political landscape in Goshamahal remains dynamic as the assembly elections draw near. The race for this vital constituency is set to unfold in the coming months.