Hyderabad: Govt apathy leaves 141-year-old school crying for attention

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Hyderabad: Reduced to a mere shadow of its glorious past, the 141-year-old Islamia High School, situated in Secunderabad is on the brink of collapse due to its dilapidated condition. The building needs immediate attention from the state government.

Today, Islamia High Schools is an all-boys institution that offers classes in Urdu, English and Telugu for classes VI to X. According to reports, the total number of current students is around 125. Boys from the surrounding areas of Parsigutta, Bhoiguda, Rasoolpura attend the school.

The Islamia High School was founded in 1882 by Mir Turab Ali Khan (Salar Jung I), during Mir Mahboob Ali Khan’s reign. This school was one of the many educational institutions founded in Hyderabad during the 1800s marked by several educational reforms.

Located in Secunderabad, across the Monda Market, Islamia High School was built in the British Army Cantonment area. The school has a plaque on display bears the names of British Resident along with the names of benefactors that contributed to the construction of the school.

Known for its colonial style architecture, the entrance is marked by an elliptical arch, an inscription that reads “Islamia High School Sec-Bad”. On top of the entrance is a crescent and a star, blackened and crusty.

Historian Mohammed Haseeb Ahmed, who recently visited the school, expressing deep shock at the state of the institution said, “Recently, I went to the Islamia High school and I was surprised to see the heritage building lying in a dilapidated condition. Lack of repair and timely restoration has led to cracks in the structure with stone chunks falling off. Any time any serious mishap can occur.” He asked, “Why is this edifice being neglected when other heritage structures are going through renovations?”

It is a shock that a school is run in an unsafe building, threatening the safety of students. Several parts of the school are unfit for use. If the archaeological department and the state government have not taken any measures to preserve the building.

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