Hyderabad: Heart attack survivors break myths with Durgam Cheruvu Run

Hyderabad: 20 heart attack survivors participated and completed Durgam Cheruvu Run organised by Inorbit Mall, on Sunday.

With active participation and completing the run, the group under Cardiac Rehab Runners has proved that a run, done right, has the potential to strengthen the heart among heart attack survivors.

The event included patients who survived a heart attack and underwent angioplasty, bypass, minor blocks and other heart conditions.

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At the event, Cardiac Rehab Specialist and Assistant Professor, ESIC Hospital, Dr Muralidhar Babi, said “Our scientifically based and highly monitored training methods have proved that Cardiac Rehab runners to run in every marathon in Hyderabad. This also brings the benefits and spreads the good news about Cardiac Rehab”.

The patients underwent a tailored-made, supervised graded exercise program of 3 to 6 months duration, under the observation of Dr Babi and his team.

Dr Babi held that in the program, the heart muscle strengthens, pumping capacity and the quality of life to an extent of running marathons improves. “With this level of performance, the patients and their family members no longer have exaggerated fears surrounding the heart condition and lead a much happier life,” added Dr Babi.