Hyderabad: Historic Nizam’s Albion Bus to grace MGBS museum

Hyderabad: The iconic Nizam’s Albion bus, once an integral part of Hyderabad’s transportation fleet, is set to find a new home in a special museum planned within the premises of the Mahatma Gandhi Bus Station (MGBS).

This decision aims to introduce the bus’s rich history and travel legacy to the younger generation.

The Albion bus, manufactured by the UK-based Albion Motors in 1932, has been parked outside the Bus Bhawan in Musheerabad for several years.

Its historical significance was highlighted in 2022 when the Telangana State Road Transport Corporation (TSRTC) organized a bus parade in Tankband on Independence Day, with the Albion bus taking center stage.

In the previous year, the TSRTC zonal workshop in Uppal undertook some modifications to the bus, costing only Rs 3,000, over a span of 15 days.

These updates were aimed at aligning the Albion bus with modern technology standards, bringing it in line with the new additions to the fleet.

The Albion red bus, boasting a heritage dating back to 1932, can accommodate up to 19 individuals, including the driver and conductor.

It played a pivotal role as part of the initial fleet of 27 buses introduced by the Nizam State Rail and Road Transport Department (FSRRTD).

The bus was originally deployed on the Nanded route, a fact prominently displayed on its front. This historic vehicle remains a prized asset, representing the rich history of transportation in the region.

Back during the erstwhile Hyderabad state, the transport wing operated under the railways, with the RTC boasting 27 buses and employing 166 individuals.

Now, as it finds a new home in the upcoming museum at MGBS, the Albion bus will continue to inspire future generations with its historical significance and contributions to the region’s transportation heritage.