Hyderabad: How trauma care centres along ORR are helping accident victims

Hyderabad: A chain of trauma care centres along the Outer Ring Road (ORR) helped accident victims in 1098 cases in 2022. The highest cases were reported in August.

Out of the total cases handled by 16 trauma care centres in 2022, TSPA attended the maximum number of cases i.e.,157 whereas, Dundigal trauma care centre and trauma care centre of Pedda Amberpet attended 143 and 127 cases.

ALS ambulances by trauma centres at ORR

As soon as the trauma centres receive information about an accident, the Advanced Life Support (ALS) ambulances rush to the spots.

These centres provide emergency care to the accident victims on the spot and if needed, they are shifted to the trauma centres. Later, depending on the victims’ condition, they are shifted to the hospital of their choice.

Each ALS ambulance has the responsibility of covering an 8 km stretch of ORR.

Emergency service on ORR can be avail by dialling a toll-free number 14449.