Hyderabad: HYC founder booked for Gaza aid fraud

Hyderabad Desk

Hyderabad: Saidabad Police has booked Syed Ayub, the head of a local NGO named Hyderabad Youth Courage (HYC), of cheating and illegal fundraising on social media following a complaint lodged by a Hyderabad-based lawyer P. Sai Kishore.

According to the FIR registered under IPC Section 420, the NGO allegedly involved in previous fraudulent activities, is now under scrutiny for exploiting the Gaza crisis.

P. Sai Kishore alleges that Syed Ayub used his NGO’s Facebook page to solicit donations falsely promising to deliver aid to war-torn Gaza. Starting April 1, Ayub reportedly posted personal bank details online and claimed he would travel to Gaza to assist victims directly. He further enticed donors by sharing images from Hyderabad Airport and later from Egypt, claiming to be en route to Gaza with aid supplies.

The complaint details that Ayub’s promises were baseless, as the current geopolitical situation has rendered road aid to Gaza impossible, with countries like the USA and the UK opting to send support via air using military aircraft. Despite these facts, Ayub continued to request funds, misleading hundreds, if not thousands, of well-meaning donors into believing their contributions were aiding Gaza’s victims.

Kishore’s complaint urges the authorities to take immediate action against Ayub and his organization to prevent further exploitation. He has also requested that the Facebook page of Hyderabad Youth Courage be blocked to stop ongoing fraudulent activities.

The case is being handled by Sub-Inspector N. Shiva Shankar of Saidabad Police Station, and further investigations are expected to follow as the authorities look into the grave allegations made against Syed Ayub and the HYC.

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