Hyderabad: In view of protests, police tighten for Friday prayers

Hyderabad: In light of the events involving Goshamahal MLA T Raja Singh, the city police are setting up strong security measures for the Friday prayers.

Police worry that there may be additional protests because there are often sizable groups at all mosques on Friday afternoons.

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Police officers will be stationed near the city’s most important mosques. In light of the violent protests reported in the last three days in response to Singh’s controversial remarks, police will concentrate their efforts in the city’s older neighborhoods.

A large police force will be stationed near the Charminar as approximately 5,000 people attend Friday prayers at the Mecca Masjid.

Religious leaders and community leaders urged people to attend Friday prayers at mosques near their homes and to avoid participating in rallies and meetings because the police have launched an investigation into the legislator.