Hyderabad: Indulge in delicious cup of Kashmiri Khawa at Numaish

Hyderabad: Every Hyderabadi becomes gluttonous when we talk of Biryani. The city residents love to explore new food varieties. Alongside Biryani, which is a beloved staple food in the menus of Hyderabadi restaurants, the people have also adopted Arabic and Middle East dishes like Mandi, Kunafa etc. After having meals which are usually special, most of the Hyderabadis love to have Irani Chai (tea). But today in this write-up we will share with you the special and classic drink which you should not miss this winter.

Hyderabadis have developed a fad for ‘Numaish’ which takes place only once a year. The city residents come out in large numbers to enjoy the shopping, food and the festive atmosphere. The fair offers a wide variety of products from clothes, jewellery, handicrafts from different states, to food and much more. Numaish is not just a fair, it’s an experience that Hyderabadis look forward to every year.

But what makes ‘Numaish’ more special for guzzlers of the city this year is ‘Kashmir Khawa’.  

The luscious Kashmir Khawa is not only soul-warming drink but it is an emotion to Kashmiris. It is a kind of green tea and has significant nutritional values. So, if you feel exhausted after haggling over buying some beautiful things in the Numaish, just have a sip of Khawa to recharge yourself!

What is Khawa?

It is believed that ‘Khawa’ is derived from the Kashmir word ‘Kha’ which means eleven(11). Khawa is actually a green tea infused with 11 different spices best grown in the valley of Kashmir. The spices used are cinnamon (dalchini), saffron(kesar), cardamom(elaichi), dried rose petals, cloves (laung) etc. The colour of this special tea becomes golden-yellow once it is ready to serve. So, enjoy this cuppa that has chopped almonds floating.

Image source: Facebook

Nutritional Value of Khawa

Kashmir Khawa which is full of rich ingredients builds the immune system, helps to burn fat and relieve stress. It is also used to improve the digestive system and acts as an energy booster. There is also an old belief in Kashmir that Khawa gives glow to your skin as it helps in curing acne, dryness and dark circles.

Where to get best Khawa sip in Numaish?

A Kashmiri man with over eight years of experience is serving up delicious cups of Khawa to Hyderabadis at Numaish.

According to Mohammad Akram Dar, who hails from the Baramulla district of Kashmir, the Khawa is not only a tea but a medicine used to treat cough, cold, fever and other ailments. Speaking to Siasat.com, Akram said that he wants to stimulate and encourage people to have a sip of healthy drink instead of wine or any other toxic drug. He has set his heart on promoting Kashmiri traditions and culture.

Mohammad Akram Dar selling Kashmiri Khawa in Numaish, Hyderabad
Pic Credits: Mumtaz Bhat

”I have been serving Khawa outside Kashmir since 2012. I used to serve it at birthdays and other parties. Right now, I am serving this special Kashmir beverage for the first time in Numaish at Hyderabad. My aim is to carry forward what our ancestors used to eat, drink and wear,” said Akram Dar.

He further added, “I want Hyderabadis to come and enjoy Khawa as it has abundant health benefits. I am making this succulent and luscious Khawa just to tell people that healthy beverages/ drinks  can also be so scrumptious that after having a sip you can feel like you are in heaven.”

Akram Dar is also actively participating in drug deduction programmes across Kashmir and is seen urging people to keep away from drugs while serving Khawa to them here in Hyderabad. He has also started serving ‘Kashmiri Pink Tea’ which is locally known as ‘Noon Chai”. He also plans to introduce ‘Wazwan’ in the exhibition here next year.

So, if you want to have a cuppa here, then visit Mohammad Akram Dar’s stall which is located near to Bademiya Kebabs in the Numaish. The texture and nutty flavor of Khawa is sure to delight your taste buds and transport you to the beautiful valley of Kashmir!